I want to share the moment of warmth and opening in my heart – what a surprise! – I am reading “Altruism”, a very big book by Matthieu Ricard, a French born Buddhist monk, author, translator, and photographer.

Coming to a certain page I found a pink sticky note from someone who welcomes me into the world of kind thoughts and actions towards unknown beings. Someone who read this book from a public library before me, left this note and invited the next reader to connect and discuss the book:-). The word “ALTRUISM” is rarely seen or mentioned anywhere these days, mostly it is compassion or empathy. These philosophical concepts when experienced as states, actually have physical representation in our brains activity and change us as people along the way. They activate different centres in the brain. Metta or loving kindness meditation as well as Tong Leng have been practiced by Buddhist practitioners for eons, they are everyday practice, not only sweet talk about kindness and goodness towards people we like, indifferent or dislike. That becomes challenging when we experience our own wounding.