Diary of a Travelling Kiwi

From time to time I will ‘publish’ some unedited stories from my Deep Field Relaxation experiences.  The intention is not for me to be ‘impressive’ (!) but as a way for you to learn, grasp and become comfortable with the art and skill of this practice and apply it in your own lives and those of others. As always, the Deep Field Relaxation™ practitioner does not diagnose, provide any substances, herbs etc nor manipulations or massage. We all hold to the truthful understanding that ultimately no-one can fully know the fundamental cause of a person’s distress – physical, emotional or spiritual.

clinic dwarfed by towers

Moscow clinic dwarfed by apartment buildings

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May you have as much enjoyment and ‘enlightenment’ as I have in writing these words and satisfaction in my own life, July 11th 2013, Montenegro.


22nd September 1991

Today in the Cardiology Hospital of the Olympic Village, Moscow, I saw 39 adults and seven kids between twelve-thirty and six o’clock. Highlights included two boys – one who was now able to walk and the other now showed a strong desire to do so.

Next, a lady with an extra tough pain in her left arm. She has been taking heavy drugs for some time without effect. I knew that one session wouldn’t do it so I asked her to come back again in about half an hour.  This time she said the pain was almost gone and I noticed she put her cardigan on without any wincing.

Then in quick succession I saw three happy people: the daughter whose thick flu had gone within one day of her visit; the mother who regularly tried to commit suicide and a father who was alcoholic. They all commented that their relationships had improved and they looked so happy.

A lady who I had seen at the Naxhabina clinic was also happy. Her pain has gone

Another lady says she is having many fewer headaches and suspects her high blood pressure is down but will have it checked tomorrow.

And an older man who experienced bad heart pains after the first session of healing, then he went away and he feels so good: still to check up on it but he “thinks it must be fine”.

russia dima moscow

It was still early afternoon and time to move on and I stepped out into a rather dull and rainy Moscow autumn day.

Fortunately it took some time to work out the location of the next clinic and so I was still standing on the footpath reading the Metro map when a carload of four kids and their parents drove up. They had been held up by the notorious Moscow traffic and were too late for their sessions but, in Russian style, we all decided that it was OK to treat them right there in the car, so we drove into the grounds of the hospital and everyone got out under umbrellas while I sat in the back and treated each of these kids.

People passing by would sort of peer into the car, see everyone standing around, assume there had been an accident and made sympathetic noises.

The work done, we all crowded into the tiny car and the father drove us about twenty minutes across town to our next place. It reminded me a little of the young girl I saw in Woodstock, New York. I was introduced to her mother at a carnival given by the ‘Family of Woodstock’ I think it’s called, a sort of local self-help for the unfortunate, and I looked at her daughter and said that I felt as though she had a headache around her.

Sure enough she had suffered for years with this.  I treated her in someone’s van and her headache immediately disappeared and some months later she hadn’t had another.

Chernobyl - Minsk hosp

On another occasion a little boy (Lukyanov Alaysha) who would lie down and in the funniest accent keep saying over and over again, ‘Horoshore, horoshore’ (‘Good’, ‘Good’), he, along with several others of the kids did not want to leave and in fact the only crying we ever heard was when they were told their session was over.  In the mini-bus from the Metro to the clinic we happened to share a ride with a mother and her boy.

At the hospital he cried and cried because he had wanted so much to open the door for me and didn’t get a chance,

Then there was the little boy who couldn’t even sit up,.  After a few sessions he was sitting up and even trying to stand up.

At the cardiology dispensary one of the doctors came because she was having really bad pain in the area of the heart and had been taking some fairly heavy drugs for it.  I worked with her and she said the pain didn’t go away at all, in fact it remained exactly the same.  Although I didn’t say that to her I felt it wasn’t really her heart that was the problem so I asked her to come back again, it was also to have her have another session if the first didn’t work over the next few hours.

When she came back I said directly to her that I didn’t think it was her heart and to give her a practical idea I used the pendulum to support my idea that it was in her left kidney. She, a doctor, looked at me a little funny and said then that the drugs she’d been taking hadn’t affected her at all and she had suspected it wasn’t her heart so she agreed to another healing session. A few minutes later, as she lay there, a smile came over her face and she got up without any pain at all.

Another day I was working at the clinic of Moscow’s leading hematologist (Doctor Natalya Phenogenova) I saw about 40 kids and a few of their mothers. One of the boys was about three years old.  After the session he was very happy.  His mother told us that the night before she had told him they would be coming to see me and he said, “Yes, I know, I saw him in my dream” and he exactly described how I look.