It is always exciting and somehow at the same time, intimidating to be confronted by a blank page and, worse, an entire new world of electronic communicating! Yet, the opportunity to bring new ideas and views on old understandings is awesome.
I would love to share, not everyday ‘gossip’ but look for experiences and stories of the work of Deep Field Relaxation not just by myself but to the hundreds of people who have been influential and students of the development of our favorite practice.
Here we can, in close discussion, talk to each other and other listeners about the opportuntiy of taking ‘knowing nothing’ deeper into scientific, moral, spiritual and experiential realms.

Balancing Stones

Let’s start with a little Ecuadorian mystery. Look closely at the picture and you can see a number of stones balancing on their edges. Is it because we are at the Equator where the world’s gravity is balanced equally or is it the magic of local rituals held at this ¬†junction of two rivers high up beneath the Andes mountains.

standing stones