Galina Sanderson was born in the desert country of Uzbekistan, Central Asia, where thousands of years ago caravans of merchants used to travel along the Silk Road. Only lately she discovered the rich heritage of that land in their stories, parables and music. Most of her life Galina spent in the Slavic country of Belarus, where she became involved in television and filmmaking.

When the Chernobyl accident happened in 1986, her  life and the life of her then 3 years old son Dimitri dramatically changed. Galina became an independent producer and freelance journalist. She started travelling in search of help for victims of this tragedy and trying to raise awareness and funds around the world. She worked as a consultant with many International film crews, one of the projects was ‘Inside Gorbachev’s USSR’ with famous American journalist and presenter Hedrick Smith. Galina  was not satisfied with the foreign approach to the Chernobyl drama, which was mainly based on sensationalism, and came up with the idea of making her own documentary To Whom It May Concern…”

In the midst of all despair and the thick cloud of uncertainty she was guided to meet Clif, a foreigner and antipode from New Zealand, who brought hope and lots of joy in their lives. Two of them worked together in the Minsk Haematological hospital with dozens of children suffering from leukaemia and thyroid cancer as well as their grief-stricken mothers – Clif doing his magic and Galina translating for him. That was her first encounter with the Field and ecstatic feeling of freedom from pain and fear.

Two months later after their first meeting Clif and Galina got married in New York. Together they founded FOCUS International – an American based International charity organisation devoted to promoting natural health awareness into the children’s well being. As a result of several scientific research projects many solutions in the field of natural and energy medicine were found to be of benefit to people suffering from radiation-related illnesses.

Galina’s personal health was challenged after exposure to low doses of radiation due to living in the Chernobyl are and that led her to extensively study yoga, toning, chanting, gentle stretching and breathing exercises.

She studied the application of voice in different countries with prominent teachers such as Chloe Goodchild (UK), Jill Pearce(UK), Dean Frenkel (Australia) and others.  Galina sees sound and voice as magic tools of self-expression, communication and healing. With her healing voice she turns ordinary life into  “En-Chanted experience.